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7 Spooky workplace stories for this Halloween!

Happy Halloween 2019! The office can get very spooky at times. Check out these workplace horror stories to get your Halloween started!

How can you retain more talent without spending money?

Are you struggling to keep your employees engaged?  Here are a few tips that don’t cost a dime and could help you retain top talent!

The 4 questions any HR leader should be able to answer

As an HR professional, could you answer all of these 4 questions?

Will AI replace the HR professional?

With AI making good progress in the HR sector, what will the HR department of tomorrow look like?  

HR professionals will not be replaced by robots, but job responsibilities will drastically change as technology will eliminate several job functions HR Pros currently are responsible for. 

What can we learn from dancers as leaders?

What can we as business leaders learn from dancers? As many other things in this world, work is a “two way street”.  As leaders, we need to be in tune with how to “dance” with our coworkers in order to create a happy workplace!