The solutions available to employers

COVID-19 screening rules

As COVID-19 keeps spreading, we need to adjust to new regulations. Here are a few new rules to help your business keep compliant when bringing people back to work.

How to have a constructive conversation once a problem happens

Based on current events, it is very urgent that we learn to constructively talk to each other. How do you pick up the pieces when trust has been compromised? This can help!

It is time to utilize remote work in times of emergencies!

Do you allow remote workers at your company?  If you don’t, now is the time to reconsider.  Having a thorough remote work policy in times of emergency is valuable. Here is how you do it!

How can we fight stress and burnout in the workplace?

We all know that stress and burnout are prevalent in workplaces. What initiatives have worked for you in order to curve stress in the workplace?

How do you prove age discrimination at the workplace?

Are you familiar with the “but for” standard when discussing age discrimination?  Agediversity is important, and understanding employee rights is crucial for any HR professional.