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How do you prove age discrimination at the workplace?

Are you familiar with the “but for” standard when discussing age discrimination?  Agediversity is important, and understanding employee rights is crucial for any HR professional.

Women outnumber men in the workplace for the first time since 2008

How do you think the US is doing regarding employing women?  For the first time since before 2008, women outnumber men in the workplace, but it is not all roses.

It’s 2020. Let’s talk mentalhealth

It’s 2020. Perhaps it is time to start talking mental health in the workplace so we can all enjoy a happier work life.  

Get your wellness program of to a good start for 2020

Are you ready to revamp your wellness program for 2020?  Here are a few ideas that won’t break the bank while helping employee morale.

How to get better at diversity and inclusion

Do you want to improve your company’s diversity and inclusion? Here is what successful companies are doing to create a sustainable D&I process.