We Care About Our Candidates

As part of the Nortia Staffing team, our candidates get similar employee benefits as our internal employees.

  • Eligible candidates are covered for 50% of a silver medical and/or 50% of a dental plan with options to upgrade to any higher benefits plan
  • 401k matching
  • Commuter Benefits (San Francisco employees)
  • We offer paid sick leave of up to 48 hours a year
  • Our candidates also get to enjoy paid holidays after the paid holiday probationary period is met

Our Recruitment Philosophy

At Nortia Staffing we bring over 25 years of combined recruitment experience. We understand how important it is for your organization to find the perfect candidate. Turn over is costly and time consuming for any company. This is why our recruitment philosophy is streamlined and focused.

  • We understand that our clients have busy schedules; this is why we have a single point of contact for each of our customers. Though we work as a team to source candidates based on our clients’ specific needs, having a single point of contact ensures an individually tailored experience for each of our customers. Our Staffing Consultants build relationships with our clients to best support all their staffing needs.
  • We proactively recruit talent to not only stay abreast of current market trends, but also to ensure we have a wide variety of potential candidates available for our clients’ ongoing needs.
  • Our recruiters at Nortia Staffing participate in continued education courses, and they attend local specialized networking events within both the HR and Administrative industries to obtain up-to-date industry knowledge.






4 Ways we can help you!

1.  Contract Support/Interim

You need flexibility in the workplace and one of our contract/Interim candidates can help you in a variety of ways.  When the unexpected happens, you don’t need to rush into hiring.  We can help in difficult situations or short term projects.

  • Short term projects, maternity leave and medical leave
  • Support while a direct hire is brought onboard
  • Sudden Resignations

2.  Project Support

Sometimes you need an extra pair of hands while you are going through transitions and growth.

  • Projects
  • System Implementations
  • Change Management
  • Heavy recruitment loads
  • Audits
  • Compensation Review

3. Contract to Hire

It is well known that the hiring process is time consuming and costly.  From sourcing for the best candidate to extending offer letters, on boarding, and training, the amount of time and resources spent on a single candidate can be very high.  If after a few months the employee is not the right match, you are left with the task of parting ways with your new employee and you are left at square one again.  In contrast, bringing a candidate on board as a contract to hire employee allows you the flexibility of making your decision as the employee works for you.  If the candidate is not the exact match for your needs, we present you with a new prospect and you pick up where you left off with almost no down time and extra resources spent on corrective action and hiring again.

4.  Direct Hire

If contract to hire is not an enticing option for you, we can also help you with your direct hire needs.  Sourcing for candidates can be very time consuming.   You either need a person in your organization to spend countless hours posting ads, scouring through mountains of resumes, and setting up countless interviews, or you have to do it all yourself.  We can take all that burden away from you.  We not only have an extensive candidate network, but we can present you with only the candidates that match your needs exactly.  Using the direct hire service, you only meet with pre-screened, highly qualified candidates that fit your needs. It is then up to you to pick the best match!

It is important to have a strong Employer to candidate match

In an ever changing Human Resources, Accounting and Administrative market, it can be difficult to take time to find the perfect candidate for your organization.  It is well known that the hiring process can be costly and time consuming.  Even after an employee is hired, we are often left with a potential mismatch, causing further costs to the organization.  Everybody knows turn over is expensive! This is why most organizations decide to work with specialized agencies.  At Nortia Staffing, we selected to focus only in Human Resources, Accounting and Administrative staffing for this reason.  Specializing allows us to have a deeper candidate pool in each skill set for our clients. By working with us you will save time and consequentially money.  Let us help you find the right candidate today!

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