Age discrimination is not only short sighted, it may be where great candidates come from

So you have been an HR solutions rockstar for a nice part of your career, you have the chops to play amongst the biggest wigs in human resources out there and you know you would be a great addition to any team. You apply and apply to jobs and nothing. What gives? While age discrimination is a real problem, you can shine a bright light on the benefits of hiring a person who is more than a few years into his/her career.

Conversely, if you are a hiring manager and you can’t find the right candidate, you may not be looking in the right employee demographic. With an ever tightening employee market, we need to leverage each individual’s strengths in our organizations. Moreover, turnover amongst younger workers is significantly more common than their older counterparts. An ofter overlooked talent pool of older workers is waiting to contribute their knowledge and work ethic. These people may be the best the answer to your hiring woes.

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