Can disruption become a positive word for all employees?

Are you afraid of #disruption? You are not alone. The term “disruption” has become a synonym with positive change on a stale company culture environment. However, disruption can bring a lot of unease to many, as disruption inevitably brings change.   #HR can work hand in hand with #companyleadership and #employees alike to help bring disruption to their companies in a positive way.  Change is ever present, but people remain people.  Resistance to change is normal when we are used to the fallout that change brings with it.   Could changing the thought process that is linked to the term “disruption” create greater employee buy in?  As the article here suggests, we have to create the “lab mindset” where disruption can be understood and “safe”. Company’s can greatly benefit from a people focused “disruption” strategy, as people ultimately are the true drivers of change!  HR knows people drive companies successes and failures.  Focusing on people first is the only way forward! #HRTalk #BayArea #Jobseekers #HRJobs #companyculture

To survive the age of disruption, create a ‘lab mindset’ at work, says Mercer