Communications between generations may not be what you think

Remember some years back we were very concerned about #millennials joining the workforce?  Then a few more years passed and we were extremely concerned (maybe not extremely concerned, but you know what I mean) about millennials managing older generations.  Now we have generation Z moving into the workforce.

I remember when this whole generation communications break down thing became what everybody was talking about.  I was very concerned about all those millennials joining the workforce!  Those kids and their SnapChats and Twitch accounts!  Then I realized I am a millennial.  I (Ruben Valencia…Hello!) was born in 1981.  I had gotten bit by the tribal bug.  That us against them mentality that for some reason we all love to take part of, was causing me anxiety.  I guess we choose our “tribe” because it helps us define what group we most comfortably belong to.  But falling on these behaviors, specially when talking about our co-workers, creates huge problems since we all have to live and work together.

Miscommunication between generations starts by assuming the “others” do not, or will not be able to understand “us”.  Well, let me tell you, this assumption can not be farther from the truth. #HR #HRTalk #communication #HRJobs #Leadership #BayArea #Jobs

How to avoid miscommunication mishaps now that 5 generations work together