Ever heard of the “Pence Rule”?

Happy Friday Guys!  Once again coming to you as Ruben! I think it is important to be transparent with who is writing this post.  As a man, I find it troubling when I hear that because of movements like #metoo, some men in the workplace are adopting the “Pence rule”.  If you are not aware of what the Pence rule is, it is a simple rule where a male worker will not have meetings alone with a female coworker, will not go to business dinners alone with a female coworker, will not travel alone with a female coworker, or will simply not engage in any activity alone with a female coworker. These type of behaviors not only stifle productivity, but end up severely damaging female workers’ opportunities for mentorship and growth into more senior positions. How can HR professionals move workers away from taking these types of stances?  How do we change our companies’ cultures to ensure workers have a level playing field?  We need to embrace both men and women workers, and we have a responsibility to provide our fellow coworkers with safe and productive work environments where everybody can flourish and grow together. What do you think is a good first step to tackle this issue? #HR #HRTalk #HRJobs #BayArea #leadership

Men’s Mentorship of Women at Odds with ‘Pence Rule’