Here comes AI to help you get better candidates!

Oh nooooo!!! Here comes the #HR Bots to replace us all!!!  Well…. not really. Artificial intelligence can significantly improve processes, and it can give you amazing insights.  However, AI can only do as much as you train it to do.  This is why continuing education on these new technologies should not be neglected. AI still has a long path to travel when it comes to full autonomy (maybe not such a long path).  On the mean time, #recruiters, HR professionals and any person in the workforce should not be afraid of embracing new technologies.  Change is coming, and we need to embrace these technologies and learn new skillsets to effectively leverage AI to our benefit. What type of AI products are you currently using in HR or recruiting?   #HRTech #HRTalk #HRJobs #BayAreaJobs

Artificial intelligence helping HR find, hire better candidates