How do you deal with C players?

How do you deal with C players in your company?  We all know that business is fast and ever changing.  We often allow our A players to take charge since they are the easiest to engage with.  We are really good at managing employees out who are severely underperforming.   But what about your employees in the middle?  Do you think they affect #workplace morale? #HumanCapital is becoming one of the highest focus areas for #HR and #leadership as a whole, but we often fail to recognize the potential, or possible detriment of our C players.  We are missing out in engaging a very big demographic here.  It is however the most challenging demographic because it takes attention and self assessment in order to lead these people from C to B or A players.   This article does a great job at outlining practical steps to pinpoint and categorize, engage, and improve our C players.  #HR #HRJobs #BayArea #Leadership #engagement

The 3 Types of C Players and What to Do About Them