It’s time for recruiters to put their marketing hats on

As the job market gets tighter, employers need to hone in their recruiting strategies.  Is your recruiting process currently working for you?  As you all know, the market right now is very competitive.  We at Nortia Staffing see this daily.  Candidates are constantly getting bombarded by new job opportunities.  How you set yourself apart from other companies is key now more than ever.   When thinking of your talent pool, ask yourself, would I work here based on the information available on the web regarding my organization? It’s time for #recruiting teams to put on their marketing hats on to attract top talent!  Having a marketing mindset, along with good performance analytics, can help you attract better talent while keeping expenses down. #HR #HRTalk #Recruitment #companyculture #HRJobs #hiringtips

Using Selective Attention to Boost Qualified Job Candidates