Let us take #metoo into the next level!

Hi guys, This is Ruben Valencia.  I usually post here using the “royal we”, but I think this topic is too important not to have the transparency of who it comes from.   I believe most people out there are good natured people.  I believe that employees, since they are “most people out there”, are by definition mostly good natured.  But we are all people.  How do we create an environment where “most people out there” are comfortable with reporting harassment, and more importantly take an active part in preventing harassment?  If you ask around, how many of your employees know exactly what procedures are in place to prevent, report, and deal with harassment at the workplace? How many of those people are comfortable with reporting harassment? As HR Leaders, many of you have the ability to point other leaders in your organization in the right direction. I think it is really sad that all these harassment claims and issues are popping up everywhere. However, this is a great opportunity to take real action and have harassment be dealt with as a community in the workplace.  Everybody can help in stopping this horrific behavior.  But as with every effort to move forward, we all need guidance. 

Get Ahead Of The Problem: 5 Actionable Steps To Address Sexual Harassment At Your Company