Remember to be kind! People are just like you!

Good Morning! Once again we feel the need to come to you as the people that write these posts in Nortia Staffing’s page. Both Renee Kujak and I Ruben Valencia would like to remind everybody to be kind to each other in these times of political agitation.

But more importantly, please remember that your fellow coworkers are also people with feelings just like you!

I have not met anybody yet who has not been touched by violence. Violence takes many forms. It is not only physical, or sexual, but can be covert and insidious. Violence can take grip of many people, and can make us feel hopeless and completely alone. Please remember that there are people who suffer in silence, who don’t know how to deal with their current situation, or the scars of the past.

Please try being kind and look at other people as multifaceted people with fears, hopes, ideas, and the capacity for love, just like you. We are not too different from each other once we stop looking at people reduced to the one aspect of themselves we may not agree with.

To those who are suffering, please know that we understand you, we too have suffered like you and want more than anything to let you know that we understand.