Stop looking for the perfect HR candidate and open up to extremely good talent!

When looking for #HR talent, don’t wait for the perfect candidate.  Instead, think of what essential skills are needed in a candidate, and be open to HR professionals with varied backgrounds. Too often we see companies struggle and slow their hiring process in an effort to find the perfect match in skillset, company culture fit, and compensation.  However, based on current job market trends, the longer a position stays open, the harder it will be to effectively fill the position with the best candidate available.  Many candidates now days are not okay with a lengthy #hiring process.  Some HR professionals see red flags when job openings have been posted for prolonged periods of time.   The old “think outside the box” saying may ring very true when it comes to hiring your next HR professional. How have your recruiting efforts changed to keep up with today’s #jobs market?

There Are No Perfect People, So Why Expect Perfect HR Candidates?