Online Pre-recorded Interviews and Live Meetings

In an effort to better serve our clients and candidates, Nortia Staffing offers pre-recorded and live remote interviews on top of traditional phone screens and face to face interviews. We understand how important it is to have flexibility when interviewing. Nortia Staffing offers pre-recorded online interview options so you don’t have to stress about syncing several people’s schedules, or interviewing during peak hours.

Nortia Staffing also offers live meetings.  Live meetings do not require downloads or plugins in order for you to join the live meeting.  There is no need to have a user name, or create any account in order to use this service. More importantly, the system checks your system to ensure your experience is not sidetracked by poor video quality or dropped feeds. If you are unable to have a good connection, you can opt to call in.

How Online Pre-recorded Interviews Work

The Benefits of Pre-recorded Interviews

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