Your employees’ emotional lives are important. Learn to embrace them!

Establishing a strong talent pool is step one. Maintaining a strong talent pool is a different story. Employees are not robots, so an emotional connection is key to employee happiness!

Talent Acquisition Vs Recruiting. Which one do you use most?

Knowing the difference between recruiting and talent acquisition can help you get better talent and keep your employee retention game strong!  

The 13 concepts you need to learn now if you are in HR!

As HR professionals, we all have to learn more than HR skills.  We have to know technology as well.  Are you familiar with these 13 HR Technology concepts? 

The way you deliver training impacts how employees retain knowledge

The way you are currently deploying your employee training may be the reason why your employees are not retaining the knowledge learned.  When do you think people are most effective at absorbing and retaining information?

Kindness can be the catalyst to great things. You don’t need to do that much!

Happy good news Friday everybody!  Today, as you sit in front of your computer, remember that you have the capacity to do amazing acts of kindness.  We are capable of so much positive impact!   #kindnessiscontagious #humanityfirst #weareone #happyfriday 

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