HR is not trusted, so how can we change this?

HR Pros are not as trusted as we in the HR profession want to be.  HR has always faced an uphill battle to shed the “company police dog” image.  But why is there so much distrust for HR? If you are in human resources, and you throw phrases around like “our company culture is amazing”, you […]

The case for Virtual Reality in the workplace

Technology has made the workplace safer, more efficient, and more cost effective.  Now human resources has another solid business case for new HR solutions coming into the market.  Training and employee development budgets have always been one of the first things in the chopping block when it comes to spending and a company’s bottom line.  But what if you […]

What do you offer your employees if you are fresh out of monetary raises?

What would you do for a 10% raise?  More importantly, how would you feel if your HR department or your boss says no?  For many people, this is a very present issue.  Inflation is raising . How can we as human resources professionals help our employees feel valued when the budget is not there for a wage […]

Are you ready to do a pay audit? If not, this can help ease your anxiety a bit!

The topic of compensation and pay disparity has gained a lot of attention.  Many company’s are being forced to take action, but we can proactively face this issue head on!  While a compensation audit may seem like a daunting task, here is an article that can help you start peeling the many layers of the compensation […]

DOJ and DOL join forces to protect American employees

Adding to the list of issues the skilled labor shortage is causing recruiting and hiring managers, the DOL and the DOJ are partnering to further crack down on employers who are using h1b, H-2A and other foreign workers instead of looking for American candidates first. If you are in human resources, or deal with employment contracts, perhaps it […]

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