Google aims at improving candidate experience with their new offering

Transparency in recruiting is a must if you want to attract and retain talent.  Google is throwing its hat in the recruiting ring and their new offering can position recruiters who are more transparent with salary ranges ahead of the competition.  Recruiters need to pay attention to these emerging technologies as candidates’ eyes will more […]

How do you stop harassment without infringing on your employees’ rights?

With so many harassment issues floating around today, it is easy for us to come up with policies and procedures to ensure negative behaviors are not tolerated.  But could we also be infringing with workers’ rights? As always, HR has to approach these issues more like a delicate dancer  than a drill sergeant issuing marching […]

Have you heard of these employee engagement myths?

Are you an employee engagement master? Have you heard of these myths? If you think beer bash Fridays and Lunch catered every day equal engagement, think again! 5 Employee Engagement Myths you Need to Know

To Holiday Party or Not to Holiday Party

How does your company avoid the pitfalls of holiday parties?  Maybe not having one can be a good option?  Where do you guys stand on the whole Holiday Party as an HR pro? Halloween can be more trick than treat for employers

You may be missing good candidates if you are not looking at this demographic

You may be missing a good source for candidates if you are not recruiting people with disabilities. How to engage people with disabilities across your organization

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