Are you ready for the next disaster?

Is your company ready for any unforeseen disasters? Recent events gave us a reminder of how quickly things can go wrong. During these times, it is imperative that HR and all employees in your organization are prepared. A quick guide to disaster preparedness in the workplace

What can we do as HR people to fight against the DACA repeal

It is time for HR to take action and really take a stand on diversity.  With DACA being repealed, we as the face of our companies must make it clear that diversity is what has made this country great. The 800,000 young people, who have been part of the American experience since they were kids, […]

Millennials feel their advancement in the workplace is being compromised by older generations

Millennials think they are being held back by boomers and gen X folks. While this may be true in many respects, what can we do to ensure we retain new talent while keeping our older staff happy as well? How is your company tackling this issue? Millennials feel boomer and Gen X bosses are blocking […]

Skills based hiring may be the way to keep a competitive advantage

Do you think your company hires employees based on their skill set? Maybe you think you do. The following article, while its main focus is on the tech sector, touches on a very important point. Resumes and their contents may not be the best way to screen potential candidates out. Skills based hiring will become […]

5 key elements to a successful ADA accommodation request precedure.

Does your company have an effective procedure in place for handling ADA accommodation requests? If not, here is a nice 5 step checklist that can help you in creating an employee friendly ADA accommodation request procedure while also mitigating exposure to risk. A 5-part checklist that works for any ADA accommodation request

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