FMLA retaliation claims can be reduced by changing one word

Changing a simple word can help you reduce risk when dealing with line managers and how they deal with FMLA issues regarding their direct reports.  #HR can potentially reduce claims of retaliation by changing the language we use when training Managers regarding FMLA rights and protections.   Words are very powerful.  One simple word can help […]

Would you allow applicants to schedule their own interviews?

Would you allow candidates to schedule their next interview at your company?  One company is doing just that.  How would you leverage #HR technology to benefit the candidate experience?  Immediate engagement from the time an application is received can substantially impact your candidate application rate.   #HRtech #HRTalk #employeeretention #BayAreJobs #recruiting #jobs #recruitingtrends Job candidates scheduling […]

HR must win employees’ trust back! If not, they will go elsewhere for advice.

If you read nothing else today, please read this article.  Technology has given us many tools to deal with day to day challenges.  HR is no different.  We are at a crossroads in the workplace.  More and more people are becoming contractors in this “gig economy”, and employees expectations are also shifting rapidly.  Even though […]

The gig economy is here! Make sure you are following contractor vs employee rules!

As the “gig economy” becomes more commonplace, and more professionals opt for contract work, #HR departments must look very closely at company processes when dealing with contractors and their work classification.  In gig economy test case, Grubhub worker ruled an independent contractor #HRTalk #Compliance #employeerelations #leadership #workplace #BayAreaJobs

Here is what you need to know about i9 compliance and ICE

Are you ready if #ICE comes knocking at your company’s door?  Because of the current administration’s increased focus on immigration, and raids by ICE agents becoming more prevalent around the country, #HR departments need to stay on top of compliance.   However, #HR is also charged with protecting the company’s employees.  It is important to stay […]

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