Would you pass an i9 audit?

Would your company be ready for an #i9compliance audit?  ICE is ramping up audits this year.  Now may be a good time to audit your i9 processing and filing procedures. #hrpolicies #HR #HRTalk #immigrationissues #complianceregulations #compliancetraining ICE Planning Surge of I-9 Audits This Summer

The truth about Payroll and A.I.

#Payroll #automation has been evolving for decades.  Should you worry about your #job?  Will A.I. take over (queue Terminator theme)?    Technology will not only help make our jobs easier, but it will create more #jobs! The key will be training and #workforcedevelopment to match the blistering fast speed of innovation. How are you evolving with your payroll software […]

Career Builder + Google Cloud = A Better Recruiting experience

Are you using Career Builder?  If so, you will soon see better functionality.  Career Builder is partnering with Google Cloud.  This will undoubtedly create fierce competition for LinkedIn, as all three companies target overlapping markets of course.  The best part is that this is a win for all #recruiters.  #HRtalk #linkedin #careerbuilder #talentmanagement #talent #talentpool #talentscouting #BayArea #HRJobs #recruiting CareerBuilder Partners with Google Cloud […]

HR and technology is a match made in heaven when you do it right!

When talking process automation, what do you think is in most #HR professional’s minds?   As technology advances and processes are streamlined, we must start thinking a few steps ahead so that the technology we buy today doesn’t hinder our progress tomorrow.  In other words, can different solutions play well with each other, and will they […]

Pay increases. How do you handle requests for them?

Good Morning! We all know how crazy the job market is right now.  We are constantly trying to attract talent, and developing new strategies to stay competitive with the market.  But what about the people who are currently working for you?  How do you handle requests for pay increases.  The way you handle this discussions […]

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