9 tips for better recruiting results

If you are having a tough time recruiting for your next position, give these 9 tips a try!

California’s new rules about hair style discrimination will be here next year

Are you aware that in California you cannot discriminate based on hair style?  Not yet, but very soon. https://www.hrdive.com/news/california-outlaws-hair-discrimination-in-the-workplace/558311/

How to create an effective wellness program

Having wellness programs at work is very important, but how do we design a successful program that works, and how can we track its progress?

Corrective feedback is important!

If you are a manager or in HR, you have had to write up an employee before. Did you know that employees would rather have corrective feedback than praise? Check out these 8 steps to follow when delivering a corrective action write up.

Do you want healthier new moms? Help Dads!

Do you want to help mothers have better health after childbirth? Offer more work life balance for new dads! https://www.hrdive.com/news/work-flexibility-for-new-dads-translates-to-better-health-for-new-moms-stu/556487/

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