How can HRMS help you?

Are you familiar with the differences between HRIS, HCM and HRMS? Check out how HRMS Software can help you get rid of some of HR’s most common issues!

Does your company do second chance hiring? What has been your experience?

Are you familiar with second chance hiring? Criminal backgrounds are red flags, but for how long? We may be overlooking a substantial hiring pool. But what are the risks? What do you guys think?

Want to keep your employees happy? Try these soft skills

Talent retention is one of the most important parts of running a business. But it seems that retention is a very hard nut to crack for some. Why don’t we start with the basics and take a look at some soft skills that can help you keep a happy employee pool!

What should you consider when rolling out an unlimited PTO policy?

Are you considering implementing an unlimited PTO policy? Before you do, consider how you roll it out. Check out some of the pitfalls you can avoid when rolling out such a policy.

Don’t let reference checks get you down!

Where do you stand on references? Often times HR folks have a hard time when dealing with candidate references. Many people think references are a waste of time or they give very little actionable information. Here are a few suggestions to make your reference checks more effective!

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