How to work with people who disagree with you

Remember when we used to work with people who disagreed with our point of view? Lately, it seems as though we only want our side to win, but listening only to yourself stifles true growth.

Strategies to retain great employees

Do you ever wonder what successful HR leaders do in order to retain great employees?  Check out what some of the most successful HR women in the workplace are doing for maximum employee retention!

Difficult conversations suck! But the alternative is much worse.

If you want a happy workplace, try giving honest feedback often in order to create a work culture where difficult conversations foster constructive change.

Your employees’ emotional lives are important. Learn to embrace them!

Establishing a strong talent pool is step one. Maintaining a strong talent pool is a different story. Employees are not robots, so an emotional connection is key to employee happiness!

Talent Acquisition Vs Recruiting. Which one do you use most?

Knowing the difference between recruiting and talent acquisition can help you get better talent and keep your employee retention game strong!  

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