Did you take vacation last year? If you did, you are in the minority!

Is your work force taking enough time off? During the past few years, there has been a huge push for companies to offer great vacation policies. After all, who doesn’t want to have unlimited vacation time right? Well that would be great if you ever used it! Last year over 50% of employees left their […]

EEOC could come to your company with our without your consent? Maybe

How much power do you think the EEOC should have over your company’s premises during investigations? Is there a case for allowing the EEOC to do audits without explicit consent? Knock, knock: Court rules EEOC can come on-site — with or without your consent

How many people does it take to get the best candidate?

How many people should review or interview a potential employee in order to make the best choice? There is really no magic number, but the following article sheds some light on this matter. How many people does it really take to identify the best job candidate?

How do you screen for emotional intelligence?

Do you know how to screen for emotional intelligence? Though the following article focuses on leadership, the questions in the article can be applied to any interview questionnaire. Emotional intelligence should be on every HR team’s radar. How to screen leadership candidates for emotional intelligence

Boomerang Employees

How do you feel about boomerang employees? Is reaching out to former employees a feasible recruiting strategy? The amount of people that would be willing to come back to their former employers is higher than you think. The real question is why did they leave, and what can be done to prevent them from leaving […]

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