Do you want the best candidate? Do better at hiring!

Do you want the best candidate for your job? Start by changing how you screen your candidates! 5 assumptions that will cause you to make a hiring mistake

What do employees really want these days?

Employee satisfaction is not all about how much perks you throw at them. The workplace is changing and we need to adjust accordingly. A two way street seems to be the name of the game for employee satisfaction Today’s Most Satisfied Employees Demand These 4 Things

Is remote work right for you?

Is remote work right for you? Ask yourself that question before making remote work a must on your next career move. Working remotely is not right for everyone

FMLA can be tricky if you don’t have a sound leave policy and stick with it

When dealing with FMLA issues, abiding by a sound leave policy is key to avoiding or minimizing risk. Consistency in abiding by the policy is the name of the game! FMLA: Is phone text enough to provide notice of need for leave?

Is the best candidate something you can afford now days?

In this market, we cannot afford to wait for the best candidate. How should we change our hiring practices to best align with the market as it is today? Perhaps it is not about the best candidate, but the one who will work best with what you have to offer. How to learn from Job-Offer […]

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