Workers Comp Claims May Double

How would you prepare for a change in the workforce that makes workers comp claims spike? The next costly HR headache: Workers’ comp to double

LGBT rights and HR policies. What you need to know

As LGBT rights progress, it is important for HR to ensure all policies in place are in compliance with emerging laws and mandates. What Employers need to know about protections for LGBT employees

What HR Pros can learn from the rest of the company

Here are a few things all HR professionals can learn from the rest of the company! What HR Pros Need to Learn from the Rest of the Company

Looking ahead at the rest of 2015

How are things looking for the second half of 2015 regarding jobs and recruiting efforts? Employers Ready to Hire, and Workers are Ready to Make a Move

From the Job you hate to the Career you Love

Do you know that feeling when you are at your desk and all you want to do is be anywhere else? How about that feeling over a long period of time? Doesn’t feel good right? Then why don’t you change! Here are a few tips to help you out of the job you hate and […]

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