The Key to Top Performance is Coaching

The key to taking your employees to the next level in performance is not by handing out raises, allowing for flexible schedules, and bringing taco or ice cream trucks onsite on Fridays. While all those perks do help keep employees happy and engaged, constant coaching and understanding what drives individuals are the key factors to […]

Is your company killing it when it comes to communication?

What does effective communication in the work place look like? This article may give you some key pointers to get you on track! 10 tips for Effective Workplace Communication

NCHRA Update 1

Are Self Assessments Useful?

Are self appraisals effective tools to use? They can be depending on how managers use the information and how employees respond to the questions. Self appraisals can be very useful to assess where an individual wants to go within the organization. It is a matter of asking the right questions and getting sincere answers.  In […]

Performance Management

“My coworkers are committed to doing quality work,” “The mission of our company inspires me,” and “I have the chance to use my strengths every day.” are the key drivers in employee performance according to Deloitte. Are you keeping these in mind when evaluating your employee’s performance? How do you evaluate your team? Is your […]

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